A patch of forest not far from my house where I had only been once before. Back then I wasn't all that excited about what I saw, but I thought I'd give it another shot. I did not regret it. Despite dull, gray light there was no shortage of compositions. One young tree in particular caught my attention. The tree had just come into leaf and was surrounded by older trees that were still bare. I was spellbound by the green whirl that seemed to float in free air around the tree.

The forest is located next to a riding center, so you constantly run into horseback riders and horses grazing along the paths, which of course, I took full advantage of.

An evening walk in the forest that started out with the most amazing light, but it fizzled out and for once, I didn't come home with 100+ images on my card.

What a difference a different time of day means. Until now most of my spring photography has taken place in broad daylight in sunny and harsh light conditions. Today I went out as the sun was lowering in the sky and captured the spring leafs in magnificent ways. I love this time of year, when the bright green leafs are are coming out in little, apparently free-floating, bursts here and there and before they take over the forest completely. The scene today was my local forest where I have been a million times before, but I keep capturing new aspects of it. Spots that one day are hardly worth a glance turn into explosions of light and patterns and beauty, just because the season, the time of day, and the weather conditions are different.

April has been extremely bright and sunny and with hardly any rain. Today was no exception, and again it put a damper on my ability to create great photos. But as is almost always the case, I gradually got carried away and enjoyed myself tremendously. My first stop was Ulvedalen (Wolf Valley) in the middle of the forest, a location I have talked about before. The free-roaming horses were still there, but that wasn't the only thing that caught my attention. Looking through my long zoom lens, a surreal sight caught my eye: a man was sitting on a far hilltop, lotus position, hands spread out in meditation. Apparently he thought he was all alone. As I was watching him, the horses started to approach him. Soon they were so close to him, he could no longer focus. He got up and rode away on his bicycle.

The rest of my day went with standard forest photography, and a picture of the train that criss-cross the forest.

I'm going for a lot of walks these days due to the corona lock-down, where I'm otherwise stuck behind my desk working from home and hardly moving all day. Today the walk took me to Frederiksborg Castle Park, which is always worth visiting. The light on the castle was worth capturing, and so was the spring leafs on my way home through the local forest.

Bright sunshine, a clear blue sky... in other words, awful conditions. But, although most of my images from this day were garbage, I was happy with how I ended up documenting the emerging spring leafs. And there is that very Danish farmhouse again, and it even had the Danish flag flying.

A bike ride without my real camera and with no intentions of taking pictures turned into a cell phone photography extravaganza when the forest I visited turned out to be quite photogenic. Especially when the sun started to set and the shadows grew long.

Another marathon day on the north coast. I started out in Tibirke Hills, which is the closest thing we come to mountains in my part of the world (and that's not saying much, because they are very far from mountains). You could see for miles, and though the light wasn't great it being in the middle of the day, I still managed to shoot a few images I was happy with. Later I walked and walked through the extensive forest and captured a selection of interesting forest scenes. The Tisvilde forest is strange and exciting and doesn't look like anything else that I know, and I absolutely love going there.

This walk into Gribskov was well on its way to be rather disastrous photography-wise. The light was so harsh and my inspiration was lacking. But then I came across this little wetland area with these young birch trees growing in the water. The water was completely still, and the reflections from the birch trees were so sharp, you couldn't tell where the trees ended and the reflections started. I was mesmerized and spent a ton of time there trying to capture this magnificent spot. By the time I quit, the sun was low in the sky and the light was improving, which I took advantage of in the two other images.

A crazy day on the north coast and in the neighboring forest. I have rarely walked so much in one day, but it was absolutely worth it. After a couple of attempts, I finally found one of the spots in the forest that has made it unique. The closeness to the beach has shaped the trees in strange curls and twists that make the place look like something out of the Inception movie. Still, it's not necessarily easy to photograph as your images easily become messy and confused. This is an incredible area that should be crowded with landscape photographers from all over the world, but I had it all to myself. And I will be back. I will soooo be back!

A beautiful area that was nearly impossible to photograph. The light was harsh from the low January sun, and the view of the lake was constantly blocked by various growth. I had to abandon several promising compositions, because one of those factors kept getting in the way. But I did come away with these three decent images, but that was about it.

A return to the spot where I took the very first picture with a camera I could call my own. Way back in 1990 I took over my grandmother's old camera and took a picture in an old abandoned gravel pit that had turned into a lake. The picture was good enough that I still have it on my wall:

It wasn't possible to recreate the above image. Apart from the light being very different, the area has changed a lot since 1990. There is a lot more water in the lake and the growth around it is thicker. Instead, I focused on the surrounding forest, but also managed to get a hero picture of myself standing at the lake. All in all, a nice return, if mostly for the memories.

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