About Me

I am Karsten Stanley Andersen, and this is my private and yet public space for making my photos and, perhaps, my thoughts available to myself, the world... and posterity.

I'm not the greatest photographer in the world, and I don't have the most expensive equipment - a Sony A7 II and my trusty Samsung Galaxy Note 8 smart phone (okay, I admit, as far as phone cameras go, they don't get much better). But I do know a good composition when I see it, and I believe much of my work shares a common vision.

For instance, I love the clash between natural beauty and human-made atrocities. I love the beauty of harshness and desolation. And, I love the beauty of the ordinary and imperfect. Give me the choice between taking a picture of a weird architectural creation and a worn-down cabin on a field and I would choose the latter any day.

When I'm not out there taking pictures, I work as a librarian at a public library in Denmark. I also run one of the largest Bruce Springsteen communities in existence... because, obviously, I'm a Bruce Springsteen fan. I read books, take care of my kitties, and spend time with my wife. I can't rule out that any one of those topics will be brought up even if they don't relate to photography.

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