My Inspirations

As is the case for all other photographers or artists, my work doesn't come out of nowhere. I have seen, liked, shared, pinned thousands of pictures online that spoke to me and helped shaped what it was that I wanted to do.

Also, I have read articles and books, viewed online tutorials, and downloaded loads of tools that, once in a while, have pushed me a little bit forward and helped me express what I wanted.

  • Thomas Heaton. Apart from Bruce Springsteen, there's no one I'd rather be than Thomas Heaton. Through his vlog, he has taught me so much about composition, and he just seems to lead a perfect life as a landscape photographer.
  • Gavin Hardcastle aka Fototripper. I love his landscape photography, love his YouTube videos, love his sense of humor.
  • Brendan Van Son. I'm actually not always completely sold on his photography style, but his attitude and enthusiasm is so inspiring. I have followed his vlog for years now, and it always makes me want to go out and take pictures.
  • Scott Kelby. The first photo guru I had. Not only a great photographer, author of photo books, and host of online photo shows, but also really funny.
  • Viktor Elizarov. The man behind and creator of some Lightroom presets that really opened my eyes to what you can do to a raw-file.
  • Pamela Springsteen. My interest in Bruce Springsteen opened my eyes to his photographer sister who shot several pictures for her brother, particularly around his 1995 album The Ghost of Tom Joad. Her grainy images of desolate highways are superb.
  • The album cover for Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska album by David Michael Kennedy. Again, a grainy highway shot through the windshield of a car. I've been trying to imitate it ever since I got my first camera.
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