April 15, 2020: Frederiksborg Slotspark, Selskov

I'm going for a lot of walks these days due to the corona lock-down, where I'm otherwise stuck behind my desk working from home and hardly moving all day. Today the walk took me to Frederiksborg Castle Park, which is always worth visiting. The light on the castle was worth capturing, and so was the spring leafs on my way home through the local forest.

December 27, 2019: Copenhagen

My last outing of 2019 was also one of the most succesful. Actually, for a long time it looked like I may not come home with anything as the light was harsh and my inspiration gone. But the whole time I put my faith in an image I actually had had in mind for months: a shot down one of the canals with the sun setting in the horizon between the buildings. So I had actually researched when the sun would set in the right place and timed my venture into Copenhagen in accordance to that. And boy, the result was exactly as I had envisioned. I love these images taken down the canal, and they ended my photography year on a high note.

November 17, 2019: Frederiksborg Castle

Just another walk around the castle and the castle lake, but what a great result from a photography perspective. The light was spectacular throughout the afternoon, and at one point, the clouds aligned perfectly in a strange whirl behind and above the castle.

July 5: Fredensborg Castle Garden

Friday offered a welcome change from my several recent trips into the forest. My workplace had decided to spend an afternoon touring the local Fredensborg Castle and its surrounding garden. For security reasons we were not allowed to photograph inside the castle, because the Queen actually uses it during much of the year. Same goes for the part of the garden that we visited, but here there was no photo ban. So that actually was a great opportunity for some pretty unique images.

Unfortunately, I had not brought my own camera, but it didn't matter too much. Instead I used my workplace's camera, a Lumix G80 that is more than adequate. The only problem was that I don't know it as well as my own camera, so I shot on auto mode for most of the time. Still, the result was very pleasing. The two first images are from the private garden, which is open to the public only in July, and the last one is from the royal orangery.... a beautiful and unique building in itself.