A patch of forest not far from my house where I had only been once before. Back then I wasn't all that excited about what I saw, but I thought I'd give it another shot. I did not regret it. Despite dull, gray light there was no shortage of compositions. One young tree in particular caught my attention. The tree had just come into leaf and was surrounded by older trees that were still bare. I was spellbound by the green whirl that seemed to float in free air around the tree.

The forest is located next to a riding center, so you constantly run into horseback riders and horses grazing along the paths, which of course, I took full advantage of.

An evening walk in the forest that started out with the most amazing light, but it fizzled out and for once, I didn't come home with 100+ images on my card.

Bright sunshine, a clear blue sky... in other words, awful conditions. But, although most of my images from this day were garbage, I was happy with how I ended up documenting the emerging spring leafs. And there is that very Danish farmhouse again, and it even had the Danish flag flying.

A walk in my local forest that - despite the gray weather and complete absence of interesting light - turned out better than expected photography-wise.

Back in Gribskov for some run-of-the-mill forest photography in soggy surroundings. At least my boots held up. Not so sure about the photography as I'm starting to feel a little burned out on snow-less winter forest photography in dreary and boring light.

A long, long walk deep into Gribskov forest, during which I at one point twisted my already sore back, causing a pain so bad I thought I would never make it back home. But the pain subsided after several minutes and I was able to slowly and carefully walk the remaining 3-4 kilometers. I even managed to stop and take the image of the red gate in front of an orange and pink colored forest, one of my favorites of the day. Before that, my original target of Gribskov Lake had turned out to be a dud photography-wise, but I manged to capture other forest scenes that I was happy with.

A colleague of mine had told me about this wonderful spot near the town of Holte outside of Copenhagen. It was a woodland area on a tiny peninsular in a lake. I figured it was probably a nice place, but I wasn't sure it could compete with my rich local forests that I was so used to. But I was pleasantly surprised. Part of it was arriving when the golden colors of the leafs were peaking, but it truly was an unusually beautiful spot - as the pictures  hopefully reveal - and I was happy that I went.

A beautiful summer day in the greenest nature this country can produce. I followed a well-known path along the creek called Pøle Å, but this time I continued beyond the point where I usually turn around. I really had no idea what I would come across. My astonishment was great when, after another few minutes of bike riding, I came across the most beautiful section of the creek I’d ever seen. Green leaves from the shore reflected so sharply in the water, you could hardly tell where the leaves ended and the reflections started. More green foliage from overhanging branches completed this wonderful, extremely photogenic location.

After shooting the first two images (and several more), I continued a few hundred meters down the path along the creek to where it flowed under a small bridge. I set up my tripod on the bridge, put on the 300 mm lens, captured the third image, which I think turned out nicely.

The last image was a panorama taken back at the first spot, but in the opposite direction as I was heading home.

I will most certainly visit this place again, not least in the fall when the leaves turn orange and  yellow.

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