This walk into Gribskov was well on its way to be rather disastrous photography-wise. The light was so harsh and my inspiration was lacking. But then I came across this little wetland area with these young birch trees growing in the water. The water was completely still, and the reflections from the birch trees were so sharp, you couldn't tell where the trees ended and the reflections started. I was mesmerized and spent a ton of time there trying to capture this magnificent spot. By the time I quit, the sun was low in the sky and the light was improving, which I took advantage of in the two other images.

Another sunset walk in my local area. I'm always intrigued by the old farmhouse, which is just so typical Danish as it can possibly be. On this evening I managed to capture its reflection in the pond in front of it to great effect, in my own opinion.

As is so often the case for me, I went to a location with a loose plan and came home with something completely different. This piece of forest on the outskirts of Hillerød is known for its little island in the middle of a lake. On the island is a picturesque ruin of an old building. I have been there before about three years ago, but wasn't satisfied with my images of the ruin. I figured I should give it another shot. And what happens? I came home with some amazing pictures of something completely different. I did shoot the ruin too, but again, I wasn't happy with the result. So here instead are pictures of the surrounding lake and forest. Just before sunset the most brilliant sidelight penetrated the forest, illuminating it from the side and behind in the most amazing way. I was mesmerized and forgot all about the old ruin. This was 10 times better.

Just another walk around the castle and the castle lake, but what a great result from a photography perspective. The light was spectacular throughout the afternoon, and at one point, the clouds aligned perfectly in a strange whirl behind and above the castle.

A beautiful summer day in the greenest nature this country can produce. I followed a well-known path along the creek called Pøle Å, but this time I continued beyond the point where I usually turn around. I really had no idea what I would come across. My astonishment was great when, after another few minutes of bike riding, I came across the most beautiful section of the creek I’d ever seen. Green leaves from the shore reflected so sharply in the water, you could hardly tell where the leaves ended and the reflections started. More green foliage from overhanging branches completed this wonderful, extremely photogenic location.

After shooting the first two images (and several more), I continued a few hundred meters down the path along the creek to where it flowed under a small bridge. I set up my tripod on the bridge, put on the 300 mm lens, captured the third image, which I think turned out nicely.

The last image was a panorama taken back at the first spot, but in the opposite direction as I was heading home.

I will most certainly visit this place again, not least in the fall when the leaves turn orange and  yellow.

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