April 4, 2020: Tisvilde Hegn, Tibirke Hills

Another marathon day on the north coast. I started out in Tibirke Hills, which is the closest thing we come to mountains in my part of the world (and that's not saying much, because they are very far from mountains). You could see for miles, and though the light wasn't great it being in the middle of the day, I still managed to shoot a few images I was happy with. Later I walked and walked through the extensive forest and captured a selection of interesting forest scenes. The Tisvilde forest is strange and exciting and doesn't look like anything else that I know, and I absolutely love going there.

March 19, 2020, Strødam

Another sunset walk in my local area. I'm always intrigued by the old farmhouse, which is just so typical Danish as it can possibly be. On this evening I managed to capture its reflection in the pond in front of it to great effect, in my own opinion.

March 9, 2020: Bastrup Lake

An old castle ruin looks over this beautiful lake. I was blessed with pretty decent light and dramatic clouds as I walked along the lake and stood in the old castle tower. By the end of my visit it started raining, but I managed to get the gloomy long-exposure shot of the tower at dusk. It felt eerie!

September 29, 2019: Gribskov

Just another walk in the woods that produced some nice forest images featuring eye-catching orange ferns.

September 14, 2019: Solbjerg Engsø

A beautiful evening at a beautiful spot, with cows, resulted in some so-so pictures. I enjoyed it more than I enjoy what it produced, although the one with the flock of birds flying over the old farm house is a favorite.

July 14: Strødam

I drive by this area every day on my way to work (yes, there is a big highway five meters behind the photographer) and have recently noticed that the herd of cows roaming around has grown. So on this evening I specifically went out to see if I could capture some cow pictures. Now, you can't be sure that you will see them. It's a big area, and the cows are often way out of sight. But I was lucky. The cows were out and about, grazing and drinking water. Thanks to my 70-300 mm lens and some beautiful golden light, I caught some really nice images, I think.

July 11: Gadevang and Strødam

A fairly short walk experimenting with my 70-300 mm lens within a forest, which can be difficult with so much getting in the way. In the first image I had a clear view of maybe 100 meters and used it to create this image. It was made stacking three individual pictures to make it sharp front to back. I had to hurry as it was pretty windy and the sunlight between the trees kept coming and going.

The second image is just an example of the nice bokeh effect that I can achieve with the 70-300 mm. Nothing spectacular. And last, a fence that I have shot many times before, but never quite as succesfully. For some reason, fence images often turn out better when you use a long zoom.

July 8: Ullerød

My first visit to the nearby nature area/abandoned farm since discovering that they are turning it into a new residential area. Fortunately, the builders had not made as much progress as I had feared, and there is still plenty of open land left, so untouched that the weeds are as tall as small trees. It was difficult to walk through, it was quite windy, and the sun was still high in the sky, so conditions for photography were not great. I was afraid I wouldn't come home with anything worth keeping, but I'm actually quite pleased with these three images. In the last two, I tried to experiment with some pretty tight crops. It goes against my nature, but I think they turned out well.