New in Collections: Thru the Windshield

Just added a new collection consisting of pictures taken through the windshield of a moving car. Anyone who has seen my travel pictures in the past won't be surprised. Family and friends have been force-fed these pictures that I took from the passenger seat of various cars dating back to around 2003. Shooting pictures in that way is one of my favorite occupations while cruising through the landscape. There is just something about particularly the American landscape that makes it look great framed by a dashboard and the top edge of a windshield. I guess I have felt that way since I saw the cover of Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska album. In the back of my head that is often the image I have been trying to recreate.

Well, you be the judge of whether I have succeeded. Go to the Collections section and click the Thru the Windshield album.

Last but not least, thank you to my dear wife for driving the car and putting up with my constant picture snapping.

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