Summer memories

Since my last post about my more or less failed attempt at New Year's Eve fireworks shooting, I've been wanting to put something a bit more flattering at the top of this blog. And what better excuse can you ask for than to show a few of my faves from my trip across the pond back in September? My three weeks in Idaho and Alberta (Canada) was a great opportunity for me to practice my photo skills on some of the world's most spectacular landscapes, sometimes with the inclusion of marvelous wildlife, majestic trains, and magical waterfalls.

These pictures, I hope, speak for themselves. Some of them I consider among my best work... as in, ever. Anything else would in fact have been a disappointment as even a chimpanzee with a disposable Kodak camera would have gotten several nice shots out of those locations.

Want more? Don't miss my slideshow video made from some of these and other 2016 vacation pictures.

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