Mixed March

I know, March isn't over yet, but having just enjoyed a one-week March vacation that offered a few opportunities to get some shooting done, I felt it was time to make a status report.

Before my vacation I had grand plans to drive or - in the spirit of spring - ride my bike all over the region and capture nature as it slowly sheds its winter harness.

Well, that didn't quite happen, but I did get out once on my bike. I had high hopes for an area about 7 kilometers away where I'd never been before. Being in abysmal shape, I barely made it there. There was a cold wind blowing, and tons of little hills that seemed to only go up. I had to make several stops on the way to catch my breath check the map and take pictures of the pretty scenery.

In fact, my favorite picture of the day - and perhaps the whole week - was taken at the foot of a hill that seemed like a good place for a short break. It was taken with my cell phone as my real camera was still packed away in its bag, and I couldn't be bothered to get it out. As a true artist I had to take a risk by standing in the middle of the road for a couple of seconds. It was a very quiet road, but behind me was a curve and an underpass that would have given drivers only a short time to react to my presence. Fortunately, no cars appeared, and the shot was in the can and turned out better than expected, although it worked best in black and white.

As it turned out, that would be one of the only pictures of the day worth sharing. The area I'd had in mind was a disappointment. Just some typical Danish winter forest and a swampy meadow with no interesting angles, colors, or lines. The below picture - a cell phone panorama - turned out ok though.

The day before my somewhat anticlimatic bike ride, I had a chance to explore our local castle again. It offers endless photo opportunities, and while I have been known to complain about our nearby landscape's lack of character and photogeneity, I am grateful to live in close vicinity to such an architectural pearl. I'm nowhere near done with it. I haven't even shot it during a real beautiful sunset yet. Soon!

My third and final photo outing during my vacation also went to familiar territory: the Strødam enclosure, where I've posted numerous pictures from before. I keep coming back, because it is actually the exception to the rule that I live in a boring area. I love it there, and despite no great light or other redeeming factors, I was quite happy with a few of the pictures I went away with.

So that was it for my vacation. Not quite what I'd hoped for, but March is still a little early to expect miracles in your landscape photography.

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