June 23: Frederiksborg Castle

Now we're talking! St. Hans' Eve... the Danish mid-summer celebration. After a wonderful dinner at a restaurant, my wife and I walked to the castle to watch the traditional bonfire, but they had started it so early that we all but missed it. Instead, we set out on a walk around the castle lake, taking in the magical mid-summer atmosphere that you can only find in Scandinavia. Once in a while I stopped to take images like the ones below, which rank among my very best photos of Frederiksborg Castle. I love them so much! And there were more almost as good as these.

Part of it may come from finally reading a little bit of theory about "correct exposure" in my new book "Understanding Exposure", which I believe is required reading for photographers. Well, I haven't read it until now, and it already made me make some adjustments in how I shoot. If the below images are an indication, it has paid off.

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