July 21: Gribskov

A long walk in the forest that started with me taking shelter under a tree to keep myself and my camera dry from a rain shower. After that, I spent most of my time in a pine forest, which I absolutely love. Unlike a lot of other forest, pine forest is usually very clean looking without the chaos that other types of forest often present. Pine forest is straight lines and mossy, uncluttered floor.

The second image was taken as I was leaving the pine forest. There was just something about that wall of trees, where the pine forest changed into deciduous forest, that kept me there for a long time experimenting with various settings. That included the third picture, where for the first time I played around with moving the camera during a long exposure to make it blurry. That seems to be a whole discipline within forest photography. I think the exposure should have been longer than the five seconds I used to make it really great, but I was reasonably happy with it for a first attempt.

Last but not least, an image from a spot in that forest that I cannot walk past without shooting pictures. It's like, within a 30x30 meter area there are 3-4 stellar compositions that are all quite different. I posted another image from that location a while ago shot in the opposite direction.


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