As is so often the case for me, I went to a location with a loose plan and came home with something completely different. This piece of forest on the outskirts of Hillerød is known for its little island in the middle of a lake. On the island is a picturesque ruin of an old building. I have been there before about three years ago, but wasn't satisfied with my images of the ruin. I figured I should give it another shot. And what happens? I came home with some amazing pictures of something completely different. I did shoot the ruin too, but again, I wasn't happy with the result. So here instead are pictures of the surrounding lake and forest. Just before sunset the most brilliant sidelight penetrated the forest, illuminating it from the side and behind in the most amazing way. I was mesmerized and forgot all about the old ruin. This was 10 times better.

A crazy day on the north coast and in the neighboring forest. I have rarely walked so much in one day, but it was absolutely worth it. After a couple of attempts, I finally found one of the spots in the forest that has made it unique. The closeness to the beach has shaped the trees in strange curls and twists that make the place look like something out of the Inception movie. Still, it's not necessarily easy to photograph as your images easily become messy and confused. This is an incredible area that should be crowded with landscape photographers from all over the world, but I had it all to myself. And I will be back. I will soooo be back!

A walk in my local forest that - despite the gray weather and complete absence of interesting light - turned out better than expected photography-wise.

A return to the spot where I took the very first picture with a camera I could call my own. Way back in 1990 I took over my grandmother's old camera and took a picture in an old abandoned gravel pit that had turned into a lake. The picture was good enough that I still have it on my wall:

It wasn't possible to recreate the above image. Apart from the light being very different, the area has changed a lot since 1990. There is a lot more water in the lake and the growth around it is thicker. Instead, I focused on the surrounding forest, but also managed to get a hero picture of myself standing at the lake. All in all, a nice return, if mostly for the memories.

I ventured into a different part of our big local forest to see what I could find. Nothing too spectacular, it turned out, except lots of mountain bikers who came blazing through the trees in their lycra clothes, as one of the pictures shows. Still, I was happy just to get out and see something new, if not all that different.

A rare morning of fog made me rush out to my local forest with my camera. Usually fog disappears quickly, and I very rarely have a chance to go out and shoot fog pictures, so I was thrilled with this opportunity. As you can tell from the images, it wasn't a thick fog, but it still provided a nice soft and eerie atmosphere to the forest.

One of the most beautiful places in Denmark at one of the most beautiful times of year. The picture of the golden tree alley is one of my favorites of the entire year. I took a similar picture in 2018, but this time I had my 300 mm lens and a better idea of what I wanted to achieve.

This has immediately become a legendary day in my photography career. Sporting my brand new 70-300 mm lens, I managed to take one amazing picture after another of the very approachable wildlife roaming among the beginning fall colors. I have written about this place before, and it remains a magical nature spot surrounded by Copenhagen suburbs, a fact that you don't notice at all. To me it's not a goal in itself to get as close to the animals as possible. The goal is to show the animals in their natural surroundings and interacting with each other.

Just another walk in the woods that produced some nice forest images featuring eye-catching orange ferns.

A beautiful evening at a beautiful spot, with cows, resulted in some so-so pictures. I enjoyed it more than I enjoy what it produced, although the one with the flock of birds flying over the old farm house is a favorite.

A beautiful summer day in the greenest nature this country can produce. I followed a well-known path along the creek called Pøle Å, but this time I continued beyond the point where I usually turn around. I really had no idea what I would come across. My astonishment was great when, after another few minutes of bike riding, I came across the most beautiful section of the creek I’d ever seen. Green leaves from the shore reflected so sharply in the water, you could hardly tell where the leaves ended and the reflections started. More green foliage from overhanging branches completed this wonderful, extremely photogenic location.

After shooting the first two images (and several more), I continued a few hundred meters down the path along the creek to where it flowed under a small bridge. I set up my tripod on the bridge, put on the 300 mm lens, captured the third image, which I think turned out nicely.

The last image was a panorama taken back at the first spot, but in the opposite direction as I was heading home.

I will most certainly visit this place again, not least in the fall when the leaves turn orange and  yellow.

A long walk in the forest that started with me taking shelter under a tree to keep myself and my camera dry from a rain shower. After that, I spent most of my time in a pine forest, which I absolutely love. Unlike a lot of other forest, pine forest is usually very clean looking without the chaos that other types of forest often present. Pine forest is straight lines and mossy, uncluttered floor.

The second image was taken as I was leaving the pine forest. There was just something about that wall of trees, where the pine forest changed into deciduous forest, that kept me there for a long time experimenting with various settings. That included the third picture, where for the first time I played around with moving the camera during a long exposure to make it blurry. That seems to be a whole discipline within forest photography. I think the exposure should have been longer than the five seconds I used to make it really great, but I was reasonably happy with it for a first attempt.

Last but not least, an image from a spot in that forest that I cannot walk past without shooting pictures. It's like, within a 30x30 meter area there are 3-4 stellar compositions that are all quite different. I posted another image from that location a while ago shot in the opposite direction.


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