This is me,
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My name is Karsten Stanley Andersen. I'm the world's most overlooked photographer, or I'm just another middle-aged guy with a semi-expensive camera. You be the judge. One thing is certain: I love taking pictures, whether it's landscape, city, or my cats - and this is where you will find them.

Photo Diary

Trying - unsuccesfully so far - to present my day to day photography
November 23, 2020: Gribskov

A week ago the forest was still an explosion of colors. Today... gone. This year's fall color season is officially over and the next five months will be a return to naked branches, gray skies, and muddy trails. A few trees were making a last stand, and I tried to capture their lonesome struggle to […]

April 27, 2020: Freerslev Hegn

A patch of forest not far from my house where I had only been once before. Back then I wasn't all that excited about what I saw, but I thought I'd give it another shot. I did not regret it. Despite dull, gray light there was no shortage of compositions. One young tree in particular […]

April 25, 2020: Gribskov

An evening walk in the forest that started out with the most amazing light, but it fizzled out and for once, I didn't come home with 100+ images on my card.

April 20, 2020: Selskov

What a difference a different time of day means. Until now most of my spring photography has taken place in broad daylight in sunny and harsh light conditions. Today I went out as the sun was lowering in the sky and captured the spring leafs in magnificent ways. I love this time of year, when […]

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I have taken thousands of pictures over the years. Deciding which ones are the best is all but impossible, but these are some that I'm particularly proud of and have meant the most to me. Check out my overall best or go by category.


My favorite subject and one I consider myself fairly good at.


Obviously, my native country is my most important ground for shooting.


Traveling offers so many opportunities and new challenges.
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