This is me,
plainly exposed

My name is Karsten Stanley Andersen. I'm the world's most overlooked photographer, or I'm just another middle-aged guy with a semi-expensive camera. You be the judge. One thing is certain: I love taking pictures, whether it's landscape, city, or my cats - and this is where you will find them.


I have taken thousands of pictures over the years. Deciding which ones are the best is all but impossible, but these are some that I'm particularly proud of and have meant the most to me. Check out my overall best or go by category.


My favorite subject and one I consider myself fairly good at.


Obviously, my native country is my most important ground for shooting.


Traveling offers so many opportunities and new challenges.

Photo Diary

Trying - unsuccesfully so far - to present my day to day photography
August 22: The Forest Tower

Day 1 of our road trip vacation to Jutland. On the way over there, we stopped at a place called Camp Adventure, which recently got a new attraction: a 45 meter wooden tower that rises above the  treetops enabling you to see for miles and miles. But first we had walk through a little forest […]

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August 20: Tegner's Sculpture Park

Now we're talking! A 30-minute drive to Tegner's Museum, which I also visited in the spring, paid off big time. Golden hour, dramatic clouds, and beautiful purple heather made this one of the best photo shoots of the year. I frantically ran around trying to capture as much as possible while the light still lasted. […]

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August 12: Frederiksborg Slotspark

It seemed like an easy shoot. After all, the park around Frederiksborg Castle always has plenty to offer. But boy, did I struggle. The light was harsh and horrible. In the middle of August, late afternoon is still way too early to get good light. I took very few pictures and not a single one […]

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August 6: Strødam

A new record for fewest images per kilometer covered. I must have walked 5-6 kilometers and took less than five pictures. There just wasn't anything interesting to shoot. However, when I came home and saw the first of these two images, I was actually quite happy with it. That composition has potential! The S-shaped road, […]

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