Finally the world is ready for my vacation pictures

It's been a while since my last post here. Not for lack of picture-taking or writing-desire. On the contrary, during my annual voyage to the United States (with side trips to Canada and Iceland) in September, I took a couple of thousand. So instead of blogging, I have actually been busy selecting, post-processing, and organizing those pictures. […]

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Karsten reviews photo sharing sites: ViewBug

This is a new series where I will talk about the various photo sharing communities I participate in. Most of all, I will probably be whining about how stupid computer algorithms and conspiracies against my person prevent my genius as a photographer to be recognized, but I hope to also present some facts and information […]

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Sunset magic on Strødam

I haven't been doing a lot of serious picture taking so far this summer. It's been a combination of bad weather and good weather. Good weather meaning clear blue sky, which equals uninteresting backgrounds in general and sunsets in particular. But last Sunday evening the perfect conditions were suddenly present. Lots of clouds, but also […]

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I'm not a man of the church, but...

As a non-religious person my interest in churches has always been... hmm... how shall I put it? ... rather limited. But since my photography hobby got the best of me in the last few years, I have come to appreciate them more... if only as photo subjects. So the other day when my wife and I went […]

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An urban exploration by a non-self-respecting photographer

My photographer guru Scott Kelby has written something to the effect that no self-respecting photographer will shoot outdoor pictures in the middle of the day. The blue hour and altogether the light around sunrise and sunset is the only light worth using. Well, even though he's my guru, and even though I of course agree […]

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Low-saturation spring

Six shots from a photo walk in the local neighborhood April 18, 2016. Not many spring colors yet, so I used it to my advantage and did some black and white and low-saturation images. I was quite happy with the result. I think for once I'm just going to let the images speak for themselves.

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The night my camera and I rocked

It was just five months after I got my Sony A33 camera (the one I'm still using today). I really had no clue how to use it. Automatic mode was all I knew. ISO, aperture, and shutter speed? Those were all gibberish to me. So were words like composition and RAW. So up until then my upgrade from a […]

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The Gate of Sisyphus

I went for another walk yesterday and came across an old favorite subject of mine. That is, I have always seen the photo potential in this old abandoned gate in the middle of the woods, but I never quite got it. Until now. I think. One of the problems was that it's actually not easy […]

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New in Collections: Thru the Windshield

Just added a new collection consisting of pictures taken through the windshield of a moving car. Anyone who has seen my travel pictures in the past won't be surprised. Family and friends have been force-fed these pictures that I took from the passenger seat of various cars dating back to around 2003. Shooting pictures in that […]

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A graveyard, two horses, and a selfie

Whether you live near the Grand Canyon, in a pulsating city, or on the outskirts of a medium sized Danish castle town, if you go for a walk, there are only so many new and interesting things to look at. At some point everything around you just takes on a familiarity that makes you not even see […]

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First Photo Outing of the Year

The battery ran out after 30 minutes, I couldn't get my new smartphone controlled remote to work, and the few pictures I took were kind of blah. But... for the first time this year I managed to get out there with my camera and shoot a little bit, and it was great! Actually, all it […]

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When the Perfect Scenery Still Isn't Enough

Lower Falls in Yellowstone National Park must be one of the most beautiful landscape sceneries you can lay your eyes on. I remember the first time we visited it back in 2003, I literally started crying. It was that overwhelming. I think it's impossible to take a bad picture of it (still, that doesn't mean you […]

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