Blood, sweat, and forest photography

Considering how few people actually see my photography - most of my images are only ever seen by me - I take it very seriously. I am finding my niche more and more in Danish landscape, and forest areas in particular. I love the forest. I grew up a few hundred meters from a forest […]

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Stumbling head first into spring

So, a couple of days ago I went out on a run in the local forest. And now you're no doubt getting all kinds of images in your head of one of those uber-cool middle-aged men in Lycra clothes training for the next marathon or triathlons in some far-away metropolis. And sure, on my good […]

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Weekend getaway to the North Pole

They say that once every few thousand years, the magnetic poles flip, reversing north and south. What the scientists missed was that the flip took place last weekend, and for a brief period during the shift, positioned the North Pole  in Odsherred, Denmark. As it happened, Odsherred was the part of Denmark where, that very […]

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X-rays of a snow-less winter landscape

If you think I've been laying low photography-wise during the winter, you couldn't be more wrong. The months of December-February and into March have been very productive. In fact, I have taken some of the best images of my life during my numerous camera outings in recent weeks and months. Of course, I always say […]

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Karsten reviews photo sharing sites: GuruShots

When I found GuruShots, I thought I'd gone to heaven. This was 500px and ViewBug on speed and with the added bonus of me, for a long time, apparently enjoying lots of success. Like ViewBug, GuruShots is all about contests, or "challenges" as they call it. You submit up to four images to challenges such […]

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So I changed the identity of the site

As of today KSA Gallery will be known as Plain Exposure. I was never too happy with KSA Gallery. Not sure why.  I wanted something a little "cooler" and perhaps more ambiguous. The site also got a new sub-title: "The Life and Struggles of an Amateur Photographer". Of course, it's somewhat ironic. Mostly life as […]

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Getting better all the time... or not

Bruce Springsteen once said that as a young, unknown rock band you need to both think you are the greatest thing in music since the Beatles... and that you suck. The former gives you the confidence and attitude to maybe make others believe it too, and the latter makes you work harder at actually getting […]

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Fall photography at Dyrehaven

Back in July I wrote about the time of year when the beautiful, bright leaves of the beech trees light up the forest and make your shutter finger itch. If there is a time of the year that is as important for photographers here in Denmark as those weeks in May, it would be October […]

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Three factors that may have made me a better photographer in the last month

It started back in August at a birthday party for my brother and niece. Out of nowhere my brother hands me a piece of paper stating that he and his girlfriend won't be buying me any birthday or Christmas presents for the next several years. I'm like, "What's happening? It has to be some kind […]

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Sticking to the plan

Unlike good landscape photographers who know what they are doing, my photography has always been characterized by randomness, confusion, disorganization, and sometimes downright stupidty. Sure, sometimes the result can be excellent despite all this. I think I have a pretty decent eye for compositions, and I know my way around Lightroom, and that helps me. […]

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You can't be a photographer without leaving the couch, but it's close

I may not spend every other weekend going to a new location to take pictures. I would like to do much more of that, but so far that's just not happening, with real life and laziness being much too time-consuming. Fortunately, for someone who doesn't get out as much as he should, I can only […]

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Three strikes and a slideshow

Photography has been slow lately. The last several weeks have been ridiculous weather-wise, plus I've been sick in the last week. I'm itching to get out there, especially since I unexpectedly became the owner of the landscape lens that I didn't think I'd be able to afford for a year at least, a lens that […]

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