Green, green, green, when I feel blue

I once read that, according to science, the color green has a special effect on the human brain. Due to our origin in the jungle and other green surroundings, even for today's modern people, the color green unconsciously equals the presence of water and the absence of starvation, which again soothes the brain, gives us […]

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Exploring new ground

To all my readers who have been anxiously waiting for new updates (hello, dad and brother!), I'm still here and finally ready to talk about my latest photo explorations. It's definitely not for lack of activity that I haven't posted in a while. In fact, since my last post here 1½ months ago, I have taken […]

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So I bought a new camera...

In the last few months I've been feeling a growing itch in my body. I've been feeling that I had somehow hit a wall with my photography. While my eye for a good motif, and my ability to capture it, kept improving, my camera was becoming the weak link. I felt that even when I […]

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Karsten reviews photo sharing sites: 500px

This is the second installment of a series of posts where I review the photo sharing sites that I frequent. My posts are not meant as in-depth investigations of the pros and cons of the various sites, but rather my impulsive thoughts based on my sometimes rather infrequent activities. In other words, any negative comments […]

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Mixed March

I know, March isn't over yet, but having just enjoyed a one-week March vacation that offered a few opportunities to get some shooting done, I felt it was time to make a status report. Before my vacation I had grand plans to drive or - in the spirit of spring - ride my bike all […]

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Blessed and cursed in Iceland

Iceland is all landscape photographers' dream travel destination, and back in September I was fortunate enough to spend all of 20 hours there in connection with a return flight from the US to Denmark. The deal with Icelandair was the following: get an insanely cheap flight to US and in return spend a little time - […]

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Taking on gray, depressing grayness

The other day I mentioned how depressing and uninspiring our current weather is. It's all a gray mass of gray and has been so for weeks. This is actually one of the reasons we survive the short days here in the Scandinavian hemisphere: nightfall at 3:30 in the afternoon is a relief compared to the […]

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Picking 20

January and February are horrible months for an outdoor photographer in this country. Seems like weeks since we saw even the tiniest ray of sunshine. We've been shrouded in gray grayness that is as inspiring to a photographer as Chicken McNuggets is to a Michelin inspector. So what better time to go through your old photos […]

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Summer memories

Since my last post about my more or less failed attempt at New Year's Eve fireworks shooting, I've been wanting to put something a bit more flattering at the top of this blog. And what better excuse can you ask for than to show a few of my faves from my trip across the pond back […]

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Fireworks... when will I get them right?

This blog is mostly an opportunity for me to show off my best work. For every picture I post here, I have 200 that are not as good. But this time I'm going to talk about my annual failed attempt to take pictures of the New Year's Eve fireworks. Since getting my Sony A33 camera […]

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The world is not black and white...

... but that doesn't mean a photo can't be. I mean, I have personally been skeptical of black and white photography. If color photography had been invented first, would anyone have ever thought about black and white? I doubt it. But lately I have come to appreciate the art of black and white photography and […]

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Best of November

November was a surprisingly active month for me photo-wise. I was out there with my camera three out of four weekends and actually got some pretty decent shots of the neighborhood and a little beyond. The first three images were taken during a magic afternoon sunset at Strødam where I have posted pictures from before (yes, […]

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