July 5: Fredensborg Castle Garden

Friday offered a welcome change from my several recent trips into the forest. My workplace had decided to spend an afternoon touring the local Fredensborg Castle and its surrounding garden. For security reasons we were not allowed to photograph inside the castle, because the Queen actually uses it during much of the year. Same goes […]

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July 2: Gribskov

A not very ambitious Tuesday afternoon bicycle ride to Gribskov produced  a few images that I was quite happy with. Mostly due to the nature of the light, which came through the fast-moving clouds in short cascades that meant you had to be quick on the release while it lasted. The last of the three […]

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June 28: Ulvedalen

A return to the location of my ill-fated trip in May. This place had so much potential that I had to see it in better light, so I straddled my bicycle after dinner and rode deep into the forest on this beautiful summer evening. Not only was the dull light replaced with beautiful golden hour […]

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June 23: Frederiksborg Castle

Now we're talking! St. Hans' Eve... the Danish mid-summer celebration. After a wonderful dinner at a restaurant, my wife and I walked to the castle to watch the traditional bonfire, but they had started it so early that we all but missed it. Instead, we set out on a walk around the castle lake, taking […]

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June 22: Pøleå, Strødam

An evening walk during sunset. I set out specifically to shoot the below image of where the creek Pøleå goes under a road. I took a similar image in the spring and thought I could do better this time of year. I'm sort of pleased with it, but I think the one I took in […]

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June 21: Nivaagaard, Nivå

A couple of cell phone pictures taken during a short excursion with my work team. The first one from the beautiful park at the famous art museum Nivaagaard. This was shot around noon. Imagine this during golden or blue hour. I must return! The second one was a nearby field. I loved it, especially the […]

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June 17: Selskov

Warm summer afternoon/evening. Man, I struggled finding good compositions and good light, but still had a nice time. The photography part was saved by my trusty, old favorite tree (bottom) that I took so many pictures of in the past. This one ranks in the top 2. I have started to experiment a little with […]

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June 13: Gribskov, Røde dam

A beautiful midsummer evening in my new favorite part of the local forest. I started out with some low-sun-through-the-leaves shots, which turned out quite well. I then moved on to my real objective: Røde Dam, a forest lake I discovered this past winter and where I've been wanting to go for a sunset shoot ever […]

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