August 27: Øresund

A few days after returning from our Jutland road trip, we set our for a new adventure: another trip to Oslo on the big Oslo ferry. Now, it was only a little over a year since we had last been in Oslo, which I wrote about here. Still, we always have a nice time away […]

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August 23: Across Jutland

Our only full day away from home was spent cruising around Jutland, from the east to the west and back east. The first image is from Himmelbjerget (Sky Mountain), which is one of the highest points in Denmark. It's not really a mountain - we don't have mountains in Denmark - but a hill with […]

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August 22: The Forest Tower

Day 1 of our road trip vacation to Jutland. On the way over there, we stopped at a place called Camp Adventure, which recently got a new attraction: a 45 meter wooden tower that rises above the  treetops enabling you to see for miles and miles. But first we had walk through a little forest […]

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August 20: Tegner's Sculpture Park

Now we're talking! A 30-minute drive to Tegner's Museum, which I also visited in the spring, paid off big time. Golden hour, dramatic clouds, and beautiful purple heather made this one of the best photo shoots of the year. I frantically ran around trying to capture as much as possible while the light still lasted. […]

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August 12: Frederiksborg Slotspark

It seemed like an easy shoot. After all, the park around Frederiksborg Castle always has plenty to offer. But boy, did I struggle. The light was harsh and horrible. In the middle of August, late afternoon is still way too early to get good light. I took very few pictures and not a single one […]

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August 6: Strødam

A new record for fewest images per kilometer covered. I must have walked 5-6 kilometers and took less than five pictures. There just wasn't anything interesting to shoot. However, when I came home and saw the first of these two images, I was actually quite happy with it. That composition has potential! The S-shaped road, […]

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August 2: Gribskov

My first outing in August resulted in a mostly rather unremarkable set of forest images. Let's just say, the forest was more impressive in real life than i was able to capture in these images. I did experiment with some focus stacking in the first image and higher f-values and a resulting blurry background in […]

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July 28: Pøle Å

A beautiful summer day in the greenest nature this country can produce. I followed a well-known path along the creek called Pøle Å, but this time I continued beyond the point where I usually turn around. I really had no idea what I would come across. My astonishment was great when, after another few minutes […]

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July 21: Gribskov

A long walk in the forest that started with me taking shelter under a tree to keep myself and my camera dry from a rain shower. After that, I spent most of my time in a pine forest, which I absolutely love. Unlike a lot of other forest, pine forest is usually very clean looking […]

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July 14: Strødam

I drive by this area every day on my way to work (yes, there is a big highway five meters behind the photographer) and have recently noticed that the herd of cows roaming around has grown. So on this evening I specifically went out to see if I could capture some cow pictures. Now, you […]

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July 11: Gadevang and Strødam

A fairly short walk experimenting with my 70-300 mm lens within a forest, which can be difficult with so much getting in the way. In the first image I had a clear view of maybe 100 meters and used it to create this image. It was made stacking three individual pictures to make it sharp […]

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July 8: Ullerød

My first visit to the nearby nature area/abandoned farm since discovering that they are turning it into a new residential area. Fortunately, the builders had not made as much progress as I had feared, and there is still plenty of open land left, so untouched that the weeds are as tall as small trees. It […]

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